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151 Anexartisias Str, 3040 Lemesos, Lemesos

184B Makariou III Ave, 3027 Lemesos, Lemesos

119 Agiou Andreou Str, 3036 Lemesos, Lemesos

135A Makariou III Ave, EMELLE BUILDING, 3021 Lemesos, Lemesos

74 Arch. Makariou III Leoforos Av, 1077 Lefkosia, Lefkosia

7A Georgiou Griva Digeni Str, LIMASSOL CENTER BLOCK B, Flat 24, 3106 Lemesos, Lemesos

59 Pafou Str, MAVRANTONI, 3051 Lemesos, Lemesos

7 Kantaras Str, 4131 Polemidia Pano, Lemesos

369 28is Oktovriou Str, 3107 Lemesos, Lemesos

16 Maximou Michailidi Str, MAXIMOS PLAZA, 3106 Lemesos, Lemesos

1 Nikodimou Mylona Str, CHRISTOPHOROU, Flat 03, 3095 Lemesos, Lemesos

16 Maximou Michailidi Str, MAXIMOS PLAZA, 3106 Lemesos, Lemesos

4-4A Konstantinou Paparrigopoulou S, MAXIMOS PLAZ, 3106 Lemesos, Lemesos

284 Makariou III Ave, FORTUNA COURT BLOCK B, Flat 08, 3105 Lemesos, Lemesos

201C, 3030 Lemesos, Lemesos

28is Oktovriou Str, OLYMPIC RESIDENCE, Flat 9, 3107 Lemesos, Lemesos

118 Anexartisias Str, Shop Κάτ, 3040 Lemesos, Lemesos

240 Makariou III Ave, P.LORDOS CENTER 02, Flat G6, 3105 Lemesos, Lemesos

122 Makariou III Ave, 3021 Lemesos, Lemesos

74 Anexartisias Str, 3040 Lemesos, Lemesos

353 28is Oktovriou Str, OLYMPIC RESIDENCE BLOCK B, Flat 12, 3107 Lemesos, Lemesos

Big Sizes and Maternity Wear

60 Kolonakiou Str, NICOLAIDE, Flat 01, 4103 Agios Athanasios, Lemesos

61 Anexartisias Str, TSAKKISTOS, Flat 01, 3040 Lemesos, Lemesos

86A Nikou & Despoinas Pattichi Str, 3070 Lemesos, Lemesos

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Atom Exterminators
Yellow Pages Adv
Economou Hearing Centers
Stelios Hypermarket