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9 Meneou Str, 7550 Kiti, Larnaka

33 Lefkosias Ave, 7649 Psevdas, Larnaka

9-11 Arch. Kyprianou Leoforos Ave, FAMAGUSTA COURT, Flat 3, 6016 Larnaka, Larnaka

123 Faneromenis Leoforos Ave, KYPRIANOU BLDG, 6031 Larnaka, Larnaka

15A Rafail Santi Str, HADJIMITSI BLDG, 6052 Larnaka, Larnaka

20 Okeanias Str, PROPYLEA BLDG, Flat 1, 7041 Oroklini (Voroklini), Larnaka

35 1is Apriliou Str, 7520 Xylofagou, Larnaka

Archiepiskopou Makariou III St, STATHMOS KALAVASOU, 7733 Kalavasos, Larnaka

2 Safak Str, 6025 Larnaka, Larnaka

1 Paideias Str, MONOYIOU BLG, Flat 1, 7040 Oroklini (Voroklini), Larnaka

29 Larisis Str, KAMARES BLDG, Flat 5, 6040 Larnaka, Larnaka

17 Zakynthou Str, KATHARI BLDG, Flat 2, 6018 Larnaka, Larnaka

Archiepiskopou Makariou III St, 7571 Anglisides, Larnaka

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